Corpse Party Ch.1-4

Screenshot (861)

I know that this is kinda late for me to do this but I just feel like making a review about this game because it deserves one. 🙂 I never would’ve played this game if not for =-= The site that I discovered recently that pretty much has all the otoge that I want to play. :3 I saw corpse party among the list and decided to downloaded it because the anime version of this game did a good job of catching my attention but unfortunately, its quite short :/ So I thought about playing the game :3 I played it first at my phone using PPSSPP app but it’s quite hard to direct my character so I gave up and played it on my laptop instead xD And tada~ My life is so much easier with my laptop >_< I don’t have any problems getting away with ghosts anymore :3 I’m now on ch 4 but I’m not finished playing it yet so I’ll be making my commentary up to the 4th ch. only.

Enjoy ^_^

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Supernatural season 6 Funny moments featuring Castiel :3

Castiel: It’s very complex.

Screenshot (582) Screenshot (583)

Castiel: If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep on slapping her rear?
(slapping sounds on the background and.. awww of the babysitter xD)
Castiel:… perhaps she’s done something wrong.

Screenshot (584)
Dean: you watching porn?? why?
Castiel: It’s there.

Screenshot (586)

Dean: -_- You don’t watch PORN in a room full of dudes and you don’t talk about it! Just turn in OFF!

Screenshot (587)

Castiel: (looks down on his pants)

Screenshot (588)
Dean: =-= Great.. now he’s got a boner.. >_>

Screenshot (589)
(grandfather arrives)
Grandpa: this what you boys do sitting around watching porn with some angels?
Castiel (angel) : I’m not supposed to talk about it.

Corpse party Ch. 1 part 1

ok… so I’ve been playing this game for HOURS already =-= And I’m still on freaking CHAPTER 1! I started playing it on my phone yesterday and I didn’t use or read any walkthrough because I thought that I can figure it out all by myself and finish it. But no.. I got stuck and I don’t know what to do so I read a walkthrough >_> And this morning.. I played this part over and over again and I always get the wrong end -_- Sachi caught me every fucking time. -_- And its too hard to control my character :v


The controls in my phone is making me go crazy and its the reason why I always lose!! So now I decided to try playing it on my laptop so that I can have control over it without any problems at all. And now I’m closing in on the part where Sachi tries to kill me on the infirmary 😥

Screenshot (580)

Let’s just hope I survive in the Infirmary T^T

Diabolik Lovers More Blood Vampire Ending

Screenshot (577)

Vampire Ending is the best ending that I unlocked so far in Shu’s route because aside from VE, I only have brute ending xD and I still haven’t unlocked the other ending yet which is Heaven ending I think??

And brute ending is just so… -_- I don’t even know what the fuck happened in that ending >_> But I’m pretty sure that Yui killed Shu in the dungeon. :/ I don’t know what made her kill him.. =-= I’m like.. what the fuck? :v Why did you do that to my precious darling?! 😮 I can’t read japanese!!T^T If ever the reason why she killed him was mentioned in the game then I don’t know xD And I can only understand 70% of what’s going on in the game the whole time.. 😥

Anyways… In VE, it’s the typical ending that you get.. Shu and Yui decides to run away and live together away from his brothers. Actually, they left the mansion secretly but Reiji knew that they left the house and of course Reiji’s like: Good riddance! Finally! my lazy ass brother is gone and I won’t ever stress over again for what he always do in this house!

And then Yui and Shu lived happily ever after~ >_<

Screenshot (578)

Akatsuki no Yona episode 18

This episode is my most favorite episode in Akatsuki no Yona because it made me ROFL especially on this part where there’s like yaoi shit going on xD

Screenshot (533) Screenshot (534)Screenshot (535)Screenshot (536)Screenshot (537)Screenshot (538)Screenshot (539)Screenshot (540)

And of course, our most awaited meeting of Yona and green dragon finally happened!~ :3

Screenshot (547) Screenshot (548)Screenshot (565) Screenshot (566)

Screenshot (549) Screenshot (550) Screenshot (551) Screenshot (552)

Plus.. there’s finally some progress between Hak and Yona!~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Screenshot (557) Screenshot (558) Screenshot (559) Screenshot (560) Screenshot (561) Screenshot (562)

Diabolik lovers More Blood game

I just decided to share this for those who doesn’t know that this shit can be played on PC/laptop. I feel bad if I don’t share my wonderful findings last year in youtube.. LOL xD

so, here’s the download link for the game DLMB~ :3 just follow the instructions on the link and voila!~ you get to play as the idiot Yui >_<

Death Parade anime review

Here’s a review for the most watched anime this season, Death Parade. enjoy ^_^IcEaXbM

Death Parade caught my attention since the first episode because of its interesting plot.. And the first episode left me wanting to watch more :3 Though sometimes it can be a bit confusing especially on the part where they show who’s going to hell/heaven. :/ But still, this anime rocks! :3 The opening song is wonderful and very cheerful and the ending… god..the ending song is just soo :3 I love it so much!

Screenshot (514)

Look at that pose xD

Screenshot (515)

She kinda looks like Elsa doesn’t she? :3

Moving on to that topic, lets talk about the episodes..

Episode 1:

In episode 1, a married couple played the game and their fight is so intense :v Their memories are clouded and they can’t think straight. And the husband is convinced that his wife is cheating on him when she’s not cheating at all and obviously the child is his. The thing that I don’t get in this episode is…. did the wife really cheated on her husband? or did she fake it so that her husband will be sent to heaven instead of being sent to hell? (i’m betting on the latter part btw :/ ) They didn’t clear anything about the cheating part :/ they just showed that the girl is texting someone but then they also showed a part where the husband looks like he’s texting someone too :v

2nd episode is so boring 😦 It just showed Onna and Nona’s POV if I’m not mistaken :/ I found out that there’s actually a pattern followed in this anime. Because on the third episode, the game is not intense and they didn’t try to kill each other at all 🙂 It was all sweet and cheesy and a little bit FEELY because of the love story between those 2 childhood friends. I loved this episode because they fell in love with each other and they even had a chance to go on a date even though they’re already dead :3 I almost cried on this episode because I kinda FEEL how the girl FEELS about the guy 😥 She made a lot of effort just to make the guy she likes to notice her, she even copied how their other childhood friend looks like and had a plastic surgery 😦 Anyways, the guy found out who she really was in the end and still liked her and it’s a happy ending because both of them were sent to heaven!~ :3

The pattern is like this:

1st-Intense game and they try to kill each other ->2nd– boring episode.. shows the everyday life of the arbiters -> 3rd- not so intense game.. there’s love included 😉 There’s drama and FEELS -> 4th- back to intense -> 5th- back to boring -> 6th- back to the love part..there’s drama but this episode is the most hilarious episode so far xD

6th episode is my favorite because it made me laugh so hard.. the heroine is so funny.. I mean look at her face xD

Screenshot (512)

and her sense of humor is not bad too >_<

Screenshot (516)

Screenshot (517)

and they also got a happy end~ :3Screenshot (518) Screenshot (519) Screenshot (520) Screenshot (521) Screenshot (522) :3


Wow 😮 Its been so long since I last posted shit in here xD LOL anyways…

Here’s an Elsword Fanfic featuring Add and Ara!~ :3

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Situation: Add saved Ara from being killed by a Boss monster when she tried to raid it alone. Ara is relieved when she saw Add going in to rescue her and help her beat the boss and after they defeated it, Ara said that she owes Add for saving her life and she asked Add what can she do to repay his kindness… Continue reading