Let’s talk about how adorable/funny Castiel is~ (▰˘◡˘▰)

“Castiel” – An introduction xD

Castiel became my favorite character the moment he was introduced as a new character :3 and here are some of the countless reasons why… 😉

this part is where he kissed Meg SENSELESSLY xD after watching the pizza man porn >_< lolololol

I just can’t help but think of something else when he said this xD if u know what I mean >_<

Assbutt?? XD

Reason # 0376543415263789 He’s an angel.. 🙂

Now that’s cute :3


awww (●´ω`●) He’s sorry (◕ω◕✿)

Reason # -9873123125412678 He has those cute finger signs :3

Reason # 5316783910149134 His Facial Reactions.. >_<

He doesn’t care if you’re a cat 😛

hahahahaha 😀

Reason # 03143165461384941

He doesn’t know how to ask politely xD

He was going to say: ass.. but he learned not to xD

He drank a liquor store xD

Virgin Cas is ❤

oh Castiel.. I’m already one of your bitches xD


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