Diabolik Lovers More Blood blind box


My first blind box is Kanato.. And since I still have money.. I thought why not try it again?? o_O I’m really hoping to get Shu btw :3 But then I got Reiji 😥 And I still pushed myself to buy another one. I had 2 boxes in my hand and I’m sure that one of them is Shu because I already got Kanato so probably the other one is Azusa. (I knew because those 3 characters are not in a standing position) but I picked the heavier one and it never occured to me that Azusa is more heavier because of his hat 😥 I wasted all of my money for nothing. All I got are my least favorite characters in Diabolik Lovers T^T

Manga Recommendation of the day!~

I know I promised that I would do this everyday but I’ve been busy for a while so I can’t fulfill my duty of posting this everyday T_T Anyways… I got lots of free time now so here ya go bitches ~ 😉

My manga recommendation for the day is “Atashi Kisushita”.

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This manga is a oneshot by Mitsui Haruka and it was released online last March 31 ^_^

It might seem a little bit cheesy but it’s a good read. 🙂 Ok.. So if you’re currently on the friendzone like me.. 😥 then you can totally relate on how frustrated the girl is xD But the story is kinda rushed :/ Anyways.. it’s cute 🙂

SPOILER*******ALERT Continue reading

Supernatural season 9 episode 3

Castiel:Well…My time with April was very educational.

Sam: hmm..Yeah.. I mean the fact that being killed was something.

Castiel: And having sex.

Screenshot (1092)

Dean: You had sex with April?   (Castiel nods)

Screenshot (1094)

Dean: hmmm.. so, did you have protection?

Screenshot (1095)

Castiel: I have my angel blade :/

Dean: hm..oh yeah.. he had an angel blade.

Screenshot (1096)

God… the look on Sam and Dean’s face xD so hilarious >_<