Dare to watch this video!

I just finished watching Insidious chapter 3 and checked my facebook wall and saw this article talking about “horrible creepy” which is so misleading because the picture shown in the article is about a pretty woman with her panties clearly visible through the pic.. :v And so I thought that the article is funny in a “horrible” way? But when I played the vid…. I ALMOST GOT A HEART ATTACK! -__- can’t even survive 6 seconds of it.. :/ the sound playing in the background is so creepy and even though I’m not easily scared by this kind of things.. I got really scared.. T^T especially since I  just watched a horror movie.. >_> My heart told me.. “oh fuck.. can you please give me a break?! ಠ益ಠ can you just watch it later after I cooled down for a bit?! just PLEASE?! ugh.. =-=”  Continue reading