Addicted to webtoons~ specially to this noblesse called Rai who keeps on stealing every girls heart ><

Well.. It’s been a long time again since I posted something here 😦 Been very busy lately T^T too much shit going on in my life :/ But well I’m back bitches just to fangirl about this really good webtoon~ XD I just started reading it this week but not much. I just downloaded it because I saw Rai in the pic and u know how I  love hotties like this guy~ ❤ I finished reading Abide in the wind and Untouchable first and since I don’t have anything to read I gave it a shot and then time flew by and before I realized it I’m on the 150th ch >_< Too addicted to it now~ :3 The guys art in this webtoon is really good and flashy too~ I love it so much~ ≧◡≦ If u haven’t read it yet and if you’re looking for hotties like me, read this one! I recommend Abide in the wind and Untouchables too btw~ 😀 Webtoons are great for those of u who haven’t tried reading one yet~ 🙂 Will post something about Aitw later if I have the time or if there is something worth psoting/fangirling. I’m reading it on Line Webtoon app so I’m sorry for the image quality 😦 It’s just a screenshot taken on my phone.. 😦


too much fab~ :3


Rai be like: I’m sexy and I know it~


the hot bodyguard trio~ :3 But if I have to choose, I’d choose M-21!~ ❤ M-21’s hotness is real never thought he’d be one of the main chara in this webtoon xD


so much op-ness~ 😀


His love for ramyeon is tooooooooooooo demn unexplainable ><


yeah I think that word was meant to describe Rai :v


and there goes the 9999999999999th girl who’s ovaries got scattered all over the floor~ ^^


welps…. ^_^


we all know the reason why >_<


dat cold gaze tho.. (▰˘◡˘▰)


ohohoho those eyes!~ badass alert! (●´ω`●)




dat expression tho!~ imagine making love to Rai with dat face 😮 HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! BEST SEX OF MY LIFE EVAH! :v cold eyes op ><


yes I agree! those fingertips are the real deal~ 😉



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