R18 drama cd recommendation~ =^-^=

Recently, I’ve been eyeing Tachibana Shinosuke’s drama cd’s xD Why? Because I listened to his drama cd, “Shinsoku Renai case. 03”. Fucking hell. it was SO DAMN GOOD. And then I found out that a lot of his works are drama cd’s that I really liked xD I just didn’t know that he was the voice actor because I downloaded a hell lot of r18 cd’s. lol When I see r18 tag, i hit download. LMAO

Shinsoku Renai case 03 (Check out the vol 1 too~ it’s good as hell too xD)

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Anime Recommendation

Ahem… I know it’s been so long since I last posted HAHAHAHA I’m finally back from hiatus. Lol I just remembered that I have a wordpress account xD lul So yeah to celebrate my “fabulous resurrection from the dead”, here’s an anime recommendation for you guys!~

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