Anime Recommendation

Ahem… I know it’s been so long since I last posted HAHAHAHA I’m finally back from hiatus. Lol I just remembered that I have a wordpress account xD lul So yeah to celebrate my “fabulous resurrection from the dead”, here’s an anime recommendation for you guys!~

So far, the only anime that looks promising to me this season is Ao no exorcist s2. no doubt about that. Ao no exorcist is one of those anime in the past that made me super thrilled so why shouldn’t I be excited on watching s2? Moving on to the main topic, the reason why I haven’t watched the latest episode of Ao no exorcist s2 is because of Fukigen na Mononokean. I found out this anime when I went up from my grave and checked if there are some good anime for me to watch. Then I saw this good-looking guy so I thought hmm why not give it a try? I like supernatural stuff anyway~

Image result for fukigen na mononokean fuzzy

This is the scene that made me cry a bit. He’s so innocent and farewell scenes always breaks my heart. T^T  Look at how he’s smiling. It makes you want to hide and keep him away from all the darkness/evil shit for all eternity. too bad he went to the underworld. lol but their underworld is a good place. kinda like a children’s drawing book. hahaha

And look they made some merch for this cute little guy. awwwww but where is the money? I am but a poor kid with a business. 😥 Money is tight af. I’d rather buy items to sell than buy merch.

Image result for fukigen na mononokean fuzzy

Image result for fukigen na mononokean fuzzy

Related image

I’m pretty sure that after you guys watch this anime, you would be tempted to buy one of these T^T

So yeah I HIGHLY recommend this anime if you’re a sucker for cutesy characters and yokai shizz!~ 😉

I’m currently on the 11th episode and I hope they make a 2nd season for these. I would miss fuzzy if they don’t! 😥


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