R18 drama cd recommendation~ =^-^=

Recently, I’ve been eyeing Tachibana Shinosuke’s drama cd’s xD Why? Because I listened to his drama cd, “Shinsoku Renai case. 03”. Fucking hell. it was SO DAMN GOOD. And then I found out that a lot of his works are drama cd’s that I really liked xD I just didn’t know that he was the voice actor because I downloaded a hell lot of r18 cd’s. lol When I see r18 tag, i hit download. LMAO

Shinsoku Renai case 03 (Check out the vol 1 too~ it’s good as hell too xD)

His other works that I liked are the ff:

Otona no meruhen vol. 6 ( I didn’t even know that that drama cd is otona no meruhen. yeah I’m so disorganized. as i’ve said earlier, i just download everything and usually the titles are in japanese text so… =-= I thought that cd was the otona no meruhen that I didn’t like at all. lol

Otona Kareshi -After- White & Black

If you’re a submissive bitch like me, you know what to do when they insert “black and white tags” lmao ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE BLACK SHIT!!!!!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaahnnn xD XD  hahahaha I rate 100/10 good shit. lol fucking hot ikemens. why can’t they be real? look at how hot this guy is T^T

The first series of that one ^ obviously.

Kare Pillow series is good but they’re usually sweet. Tho I remember there was a kare pillow that was a bit “rough” :/ if memory serves me right. ive listened to a lot of drama cd’s sometimes i’m confused xD

Other drama cd’s worth mentioning. I can’t remember well why I liked each one of these so I’ll leave all of them here!~

Look at how dark the background is added with his expression. HAHAHA you know it’s good shit when you see it xD LMAO

This is the shinsoku renai case 01 that I mentioned above~ ❤

This is good shit too T^T Look at his expression. 100% do-S look :3 yummy >_< he’s a bit mean tho from what I can remember. 😥 Title: Kagai Jugyou 2-jikan-me

Soko wa Kurutta Yume no Fuchi (Cuz dark shizz is

as the title implies, “IN THE ROOM” hehehehez

This one is good too~ I remember this as one of my favorites~

Sexual Philia Vol.2 (Don’t be fooled by the cover. He’s definitely not a weakling sweetie pie. I remember this guy as a DO-S character too which is why this is one of my favorites xD

Of course another title worth mentioning is immoral game!~ :3

This is about you being a teacher who will discipline this “BAD” boys~

The art looks fabulous as hell. hot demn. look at their eyes *^* so fucking hot :3 This is vol. 1 btw~ ❤

This is vol.4 the other ones are weakling types. meaning: not my type at all. my love for do-S is real xD As you can see, this guy is a bit “hard” he’s very forceful/strong in the drama cd. but I loved every second of it. lul >_<


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