Corpse party Ch. 1 part 1

ok… so I’ve been playing this game for HOURS already =-= And I’m still on freaking CHAPTER 1! I started playing it on my phone yesterday and I didn’t use or read any walkthrough because I thought that I can figure it out all by myself and finish it. But no.. I got stuck and I don’t know what to do so I read a walkthrough >_> And this morning.. I played this part over and over again and I always get the wrong end -_- Sachi caught me every fucking time. -_- And its too hard to control my character :v


The controls in my phone is making me go crazy and its the reason why I always lose!! So now I decided to try playing it on my laptop so that I can have control over it without any problems at all. And now I’m closing in on the part where Sachi tries to kill me on the infirmary 😥

Screenshot (580)

Let’s just hope I survive in the Infirmary T^T

Diabolik Lovers More Blood Vampire Ending

Screenshot (577)

Vampire Ending is the best ending that I unlocked so far in Shu’s route because aside from VE, I only have brute ending xD and I still haven’t unlocked the other ending yet which is Heaven ending I think??

And brute ending is just so… -_- I don’t even know what the fuck happened in that ending >_> But I’m pretty sure that Yui killed Shu in the dungeon. :/ I don’t know what made her kill him.. =-= I’m like.. what the fuck? :v Why did you do that to my precious darling?! 😮 I can’t read japanese!!T^T If ever the reason why she killed him was mentioned in the game then I don’t know xD And I can only understand 70% of what’s going on in the game the whole time.. 😥

Anyways… In VE, it’s the typical ending that you get.. Shu and Yui decides to run away and live together away from his brothers. Actually, they left the mansion secretly but Reiji knew that they left the house and of course Reiji’s like: Good riddance! Finally! my lazy ass brother is gone and I won’t ever stress over again for what he always do in this house!

And then Yui and Shu lived happily ever after~ >_<

Screenshot (578)

Diabolik lovers More Blood game

I just decided to share this for those who doesn’t know that this shit can be played on PC/laptop. I feel bad if I don’t share my wonderful findings last year in youtube.. LOL xD

so, here’s the download link for the game DLMB~ :3 just follow the instructions on the link and voila!~ you get to play as the idiot Yui >_<